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No Thing But the Truth

April 10, 2013

Tags: Truth

It occurred to me in a moment of comparative idleness, while I was running some chord progressions on my electronic zither to get the right feel for the madrigal Iím composing in medieval French about the union of a strange quark and a heavy mu boson, that the personal essay ó the blog, ifyou will ó of today is the historianís mother lode of tomorrow. (more…)

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The Latest Moriarty - The professor solves a series of heinous murders , catches the killer, and saves the British Empire. With a slight assist from Sherlock Holmes.
Middle book of the fabled "Greenwich Village" trilogy
A Lord Darcy Novel
A Lord Darcy novel
Mystery - Moriarty
The 4th in the "Moriarty" series
Third in the "Professor Moriarty" series

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