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A plump, middle-aged man with greying hair and mild, hazel eyes looking out from behind wire-rim glasses, Author Michael Kurland has the perpetually nervous look of a rabbit invited to lunch at the Lions' Club. He has been a teacher of obscure subjects to disinterested children, the editor of a magazine even more idiosyncratic than himself, a seeker of absent persons, a magical explainer, and guest lecturer at numerous unrelated events. But he has never wandered far from his chosen profession of scrivener for very long, since he finds the fawning idolatry of his fans a useful counterbalance to the disinterest of landlords and the disapproval of bank managers.

In Kurland's over 30 books he has romped through a variety of fields. His non-fiction works cover topics as diverse as forensic science, criminal law, espionage, amateur radio, and the history of crime in America, and have been selections of the Military Book Club, the Readers' Digest Book Club and the Writers' Digest Book Club, among others.

Among the fiction works in print at the moment are Ten Little Wizards and A Study in Sorcery, tales set in Randall Garrett's Angevin Empire, where Richard the Lion Hearted survived his crossbow wound, the Plantagenets are still on the throne, and magic works, as well as the Steam Punk novel Perchance, and The Unicorn Girl, middle book in the Greenwich Village Trilogy (the other two are The Butterfly Kid by Chester Anderson and The Probability Pad by T.A. Waters).

The Princes of Earth
, a Literary Guild Young Adult Book Club selection, is available as part of a Wildside Press double volume, the other half being Richard Lupoff's delightful werewolf novel, Lisa Kane.

Nonfiction books currently available are Irrefutable Evidence: Adventures in the History of Forensic Science and How to Solve a Murder: the Forensic Handbook.

Kurland's mysteries, include A Plague of Spies, which was nominated for an Edgar, and Too Soon Dead and The Girls in the High-Heeled Shoes, set in the 1930s and chronicling the mystery-solving talents of Alexander Brass, a columnist for the New York World, which will soon be back in print.

The Infernal Device, a novel featuring Sherlock Holmes's nemesis Professor Moriarty, was nominated for both an Edgar and an American Book award (and was recently done as a play for the Notre Dame Summer Play Program). The "Professor Moriarty" series now includes Death By Gaslight, The Great Game, The Empress of India, and the latest, Who Thinks Evil, as well as the short story collection Victorian Villainies.

A couple of his books, notably The Last President, and Button Bright fit tenuously into that nondescript category known as "mainstream."

His works have been translated into Czech, Chinese, French German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and some alphabet full of hooks and buckets that he can’t make out.

Who Thinks Evil
Who thinks Evil,The latest Moriarty novel, is now available. Anyone wanting an autographed copy can send me an email and we'll figure out the postage.

"A preposterous, entertaining farrago." -- Kirkus

"Don't miss the fifth entry in the smartly structured historical (after 2006's The Empress of India)." -- Library Journal

"Plenty of humor, wit and twists will keep both Holmes and mystery lovers well entertained." -- Historical Novel Society

For full reviews see the entry in Works.

The Last President
Set in an alternative reality where "All the President's men" do not get caught at Watergate, this "shockingly believable" novel presents the frightening scenario of what could happen if a powerful but paranoid American chief executive goes out of control. "—The dirty tricks have just begun; rape, murder, plot and counterplot...are nothing to this imperial President..."—Publishers Weekly. "[T]he authors have brought a chilling sense of reality to their fast-paced, smoothly-written thriller. It may be fiction, but it is close enough to fact to be genuinely terrifying."—The Miami Herald.

It's a Mystery to Me: The Craft of the Mystery Story Explored
It's a Mystery to Me: The Craft of the Mystery Story Revealed in Eleven Chapters and a Couple of Interludes is my attempt to impart the wisdom that I have acquired over the years, by assiduously aping those who know how to do it well, as to how to plot and write mystery stories. It is available as a trade paperback through your local book dealer -- they may have to special order it for a month or two -- or an ebook (Kindle only at the moment) on Amazon.
If you'd like an autographed copy, email me.

[For now, the paperback of "It's a Mystery to Me" is being discounted from $10.95 to $6.98 on Amazon, the Kindle version is down from $6.99 to $6.63, for some reason, and Prime members can borrow it for free. Can't do better than that.]

The Kindle version of my sf novel Star Griffin is on sale on Amazon for only $2.99.

"...What seems at first an amusing but random spoof of contemporary extremes gradually develops into a light, engaging story that draws together its many elements in a series of clever, pleasing surprises." -- Publisher's Weekly

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The Latest Moriarty - The professor solves a series of heinous murders , catches the killer, and saves the British Empire. With a slight assist from Sherlock Holmes.
Middle book of the fabled "Greenwich Village" trilogy
A Lord Darcy Novel
A Lord Darcy novel
Mystery - Moriarty
The 4th in the "Moriarty" series
Third in the "Professor Moriarty" series

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