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Star Griffin editorial comment

May 10, 2013

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Praise from one's editor is praise indeed. This from Fender Tucker, who is putting out the new edition of my 1987 novel Star Griffin:


I really enjoyed reading STAR GRIFFIN. When I edited it I saw all the fonts and formatted areas and thought it would be one of the spacey SF experiments that (more…)

Silent Movies

May 3, 2013

Tags: movies, my mother

When my mother was a little girl in the 1920s she used to go to the movies on Saturday, where, in addition to the feature movie and a newsreel and maybe a cartoon, they usually showed one episode of a weekly serial. These were called Cliffhangers -"The Perils of Pauline" is the classic example, and each episode would end with the hero -- or often heroine -- in some deadly peril. Often literally hanging off a cliff. My mother used to worry about the heroine hanging there all week until the next episode, and hope that someone was bringing her sandwiches.

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