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Star Griffin editorial comment

Praise from one's editor is praise indeed. This from Fender Tucker, who is putting out the new edition of my 1987 novel Star Griffin:


I really enjoyed reading STAR GRIFFIN. When I edited it I saw all the fonts and formatted areas and thought it would be one of the spacey SF experiments that so many writers seem to come up with these days, novels where the reader is constantly asking himself, "What the fuck is going on?"

But instead I found SG to be very reminiscent of Philip Jose Farmer's adventure novels with some damn good Hal Clement-like hard science thrown in. I always knew what was going on, even if I had no idea where it was going.

I liked the characters and especially enjoyed the idea of "bounce". In my opinion, SF books of the future should all involve some new drug because we're getting to the point where 100 new drugs are created every year and soon that will be 100 every month. Then 100 every day. Once you give a kid a chemistry set you should expect him to use it, and college kids these days have the best chemistry sets imaginable.

I hadn't heard of STAR GRIFFIN in its first incarnation but I wish I had. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it back in 1987.
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