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Sherlock Holmes of London - a poem

Sherlock Holmes of London
a verse in four fits
Michael Kurland

If you’ve a missing heir to locate, or a bank you have to guard,
There’s only one detective, and he’s not from Scotland yard.
When the duke has lost his coronet or the treaty’s gone astray,
It’s Sherlock Holmes of London who’s called in to save the day!

What the dog did in the night-time only Sherlock Holmes can hear.
He knows why the boot was missing from the doorway of the peer.
You may find him considering where redheads can be found
Or lost in thought while studying the footprints of a hound.
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CVJ Poem

In honor of missing friends,
this poem by CVJ Anderson:

    How short a time
       For walking under trees
          We're given.
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A brief poem:

In a cave in Shanidar, in what is now Iraq,
A man
Of the type we call “Neanderthal”
Was buried some 60,000 years ago.
After a fatal accident.
He was placed on a bed of flowers,
And more flowers were strewn over him:
Hollyhock, bachelor's button, groundsel, and hyacinth.
Some scientists believe
That it was a sort of religious rite
I think someone loved him very much.  Read More 
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A Short Poem

From the playgrounds of the rich
They could see the hovels which
House the poor, and oft their eye
Would twitch in mordant sympathy.
Now the rich have built a wall
So they can’t see the poor at all.
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