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Sherlock Holmes of London - a poem

Sherlock Holmes of London
a verse in four fits
Michael Kurland

If you’ve a missing heir to locate, or a bank you have to guard,
There’s only one detective, and he’s not from Scotland yard.
When the duke has lost his coronet or the treaty’s gone astray,
It’s Sherlock Holmes of London who’s called in to save the day!

What the dog did in the night-time only Sherlock Holmes can hear.
He knows why the boot was missing from the doorway of the peer.
You may find him considering where redheads can be found
Or lost in thought while studying the footprints of a hound.

In the frigid nights of winter when the fog swirls in the street
And the gas light from the street lamp don’t illuminate your feet,
And you hear the steady clopping of a hansom down the mews,
Why it’s Sherlock Holmes of London out following his clews.

Queen and Wolfe and Wimsey and a host of private ‘tecs
Along with Marple and Mulhone and the others of their sex
And Gregson and Lestrade — all of them have their place,
But it’s Sherlock Holmes of London who we trust to solve the case.

[This work is protected by copyright.
For permission to use contact the author
at michaelkurland.com]
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